Zetta.net’s 3-in-1 Online Server Backup Solution Recognized as a “Best New Product” in the SaaS and Cloud Computing Category

VNM82912 –SUNNYVALE, Calif. – August 29, 2012 – Zetta.net, a provider of 3-in-1 online server backup solutions, today announced that its appliance-free Zetta DataProtect online server backup and disaster recovery solution has been recognized as a finalist in the 2012 Golden Bridge Awards program. Zetta DataProtect 3.0 received finalist recognition in the program’s “Best New Products or Services: SaaS or Cloud Computing” category.

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Zetta Offers Reliable Offsite Backup During a Disaster

Author: Nick Mueller, Zetta.net

VNM81312 - When the local news starts reporting that a tropical storm or hurricane will make landfall near your town, do you know how to protect your company’s IT assets?

If you do, congrats! This post isn’t for you.

If not, here are some suggestions.

A Weather Warning Is When You Implement The Plan, Not Start It

A hurricane — or a similar event, like the June 29, 2012 “derecho” that slammed the eastern United States can strike without warning.

“In the greater Washington, D.C. area, where I live, the derecho was so rare and so violent that no one saw it coming — the emergency alert system only issued warnings half hour after the event had passed,” said technology analyst Wayne Rash, who wrote up the event and its impact on IT in eWeek. “I don’t think anyone could have planned for something this violent and this fast.”

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Zetta Explains Why Amazon S3 is a Poor Choice for Backup and Recovery

Author: Nick Mueller, Zetta.net

VNM8112 - Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is the leading online storage service, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for your company’s backup or disaster recovery solution. Since using S3 for backup requires 3rd party backup software, deployment and configuration is complicated. Also, by the time you add up the costs to use S3, you may not be saving any meaningful amount of money.

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VNM73112 - SUNNYVALE, Calif. - July 31, 2012 - Zetta.net, a provider of 3-in-1 online server backup solutions, today announced that storage analyst firm Storage Strategies NOW reports that the company’s use of the WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) protocol is a distinct advantage for its Zetta.net DataProtect cloud infrastructure. The recent Delta Report authored by Storage Strategies NOW outlines how WebDAV delivers both the security and speed required by today’s customers of cloud-based data protection, making Zetta.net unique in terms of throughput and recovery availability.

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3-in-1 Offsite Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archiving for $195 / month

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – July 24, 2012 – Zetta.net, a provider of 3-in-1 online server backup solutions, today announced a two-day special pricing for the 13th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. For two days only, July 26 and 27, Zetta.net is offering 3-in-1 online backup service consisting of offsite backup, disaster recovery and archiving for just $195 a month. It includes 500GB of enterprise-grade secure online storage, unlimited licenses of backup and recovery software, a virtual appliance and 24x7 U.S.-based technical support.

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Growing Massachusetts Town Expands its Use of Zetta DataProtect to Eliminate Tape-Based Backup

VNMZE7912 – SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Zetta.net, a provider of enterprise-grade online backup and disaster recovery solutions, today announced that the Town of Dedham, Mass. has successfully expanded its implementation of the appliance-free Zetta DataProtect online backup and disaster recovery solution to all of its 60 virtual servers. The cloud-based data protection solution has helped the growing town eliminate outdated tape backup technology to safeguard its valuable data while providing easy and reliable restore capabilities in the event of system outages or natural disaster.

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Author: Nick Mueller, Zetta.net

The famously neutral storage experts at Storage Switzerland wrote an article recently that asks the question, “Does Cloud Backup Need An Appliance?”
The article explains that getting data offsite is a requirement to meet compliance directives or SLAs for many companies, and cloud backup is an increasingly viable option.
While the conventional appliance-based approach to cloud backup may be popular, Storage Switzerland outlines several important factors that make newer, appliance-free backup and recovery an attractive alternative.

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Zetta Shines the Light on Alternatives in the World of Backup http://bit.ly/OKVQIn

Author: Nick Mueller, Zetta.net

VNMZE7512 Symantec’s Backup Exec 2012, released in February of this year, is causing a lot of frustration in the IT community and a lot of backup admins want to go back to the previous version.

Assuming, of course, they don’t look elsewhere for a backup solution.

Here’s a summary of the changes’ causing frustration with Backup Exec 2012:
Changing From a “Job-Centric” to a “Server-Centric” Approach

Going from a “job-centric” approach to a “server-centric” one isn’t inherently bad, but it’s a mismatch for how backups were being done, by a lot of people. Specifically people using tape.

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VNMZE7212 – SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Zetta.net, a provider of enterprise-grade online backup and disaster recovery solutions, is highlighted in an article by analyst firm Storage Switzerland, asserting that on-site appliances for cloud storage are not always the best way to implement a cloud backup solution. The article, Does Cloud Backup Need an Appliance?, notes that appliance-free solutions that run backups directly to the cloud, such as Zetta DataProtect, are often an ideal cloud storage solution.

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Toronto, Canada – June 25th, 2012 – Treemind, the Cloud Integration company focused on rapidly growing markets, announced today that it won the Cloud Backup Market Maker Award from Asigra Inc., a leading Cloud Backup, recovery and restore (BURR) software provider since 1986. The awards recognize Treemind for its success in promoting the cloud backup market internationally and for being an early adaptor of Asigra’s marketing programs.

Asigra presented awards to visionary partners in multiple categories based on technology, sales and marketing achievements. Asigra promotes its partners’ expertise for new and innovative deployments of cloud backup and recovery, whether deployed in a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid implementation. The Asigra Cloud Backup platform enables new efficiencies for protecting virtualized servers, remote offices and mobile workers, multi-location data center environments, while providing the flexibility to address consumers and SMBs.